Angelica Herb (Dong Quai)

Angelica is an herb that has several uses. The leaves are frequently added when cooking red currants, rhubarb, gooseberries and red plums to help reduce the acidity and sweeten these often sour fruits.

Its strong, clean flavor makes angelica stems an excellent candidate for crystallization. Its seeds are sometimes used in pastry. The stems are usually crystallized and used as a decorative pastry garnish. The leaves and stems impart a celery flavor if added to sauces, and vegetable dishes.

This herb contains plant estrogen naturally. Women’s menopausal hormones are balanced by natural plant estrogen. Chinese women are getting benefited by using this for menstrual and menopausal issues. This herb also helps women to get rid of some problems that appear as symptom of menopause. Night sweats, vaginal dryness, digestive problem and hot flashes are common example. It also helps to avoid non-menopausal symptom. It can prevent high blood pressure and osteoporosis.  This herb is not uncommon in Europe and Asia.

Licorice root is also helpful in this case. Though it can cause hypertension, it helps to cure some problems like fatigue, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, depression, breast tenderness, headaches, constipation etc. If any woman is not pregnant or is not suffering from high blood pressure, this herbal remedy can be used. It helps to balance hormones because it contains the plant estrogen with anti-inflammatory effect. This herbal remedy is not new, rather it has been used by Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Hindus. Egyptians used this herbal remedy to make sweet drinks in the after world. They buried their kings with this root.


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