Borage, (Borago officinalis)

Borage is a culinary herb mostly popular in Central Europe. Its light cucumber fragrance is usually suitable for salads prepared from raw vegetables. Sometimes borage is used to make pureed soups.

Borage is a favorite herb for flavoring summer drinks, usually fruit and wine cups. The blue and occasionally pink delicate flowers are edible. The leaves can be eaten in salads and the flowers added as decoration.
The blooms can also be candied. Watch out for the thorny like leaves. Tender leaves and star-shaped flowers have a very mild cucumber flavor. The plant grows wild in Central and Eastern Europe.
Boiling, frying and simmering will quickly destroy most of its characteristic fragrance.
Young flowers of borage can be pink and become blue only in the course of their individual flowering period.

The famous flower in the borage family is…borage! These little gems are also very sweet, but the bees love them. This is a re-seeding annual, another carefree plant that will keep coming back even in very cold climates. The seeds are used to make borage oil and the leaves have a pleasant taste of mild cucumbers. The flowers are beautiful and have been used for ages in sweets and candied for drinks.

There is also a beautiful blue comfrey in this family if you like comfrey. The flowers of lungwort are also a gorgeous blue color.


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