Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)

Other Names: Cardamon, Lesser Cardamom

Medicinal Uses: Digestive aid, Respiratory conditions, Inflammatory conditions, Liver complaints, Flatulence
Cardamom:  (spice Most often sold in powdered form.  Papery pod and dark brown seeds of a plant of the ginger family
In India Cardamom is traditionally used in curry blends, and in Scandinavian countries it is commonly added to breads; however, most of the world’s Cardamom crop is used in Arabic countries as a flavoring for coffee. A small amount of Cardamom will add a tempting flavor to coffee cake, Danish pastry, specialty breads, and apple pie. Try Cardamom the Arabic way and add a little to your ground coffee before brewing, then sweeten and top with cream. Cardamom comes from India, Guatemala, and Ceylon.



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