Dill (Anethum gravelans)

Other Names: Dilly, Garden Dill, Dill Seed

Medicinal Uses: Colic, Digestive aid, Mild bowel disorders, Promote milk production, Flatulence
Dill: (herb)  Green, feathery leaves of the dill plant. Dill weed is much used in sauces for fish, cheese dips, salads, dressings.  Adds an interesting flavor to potatoes, sour cream, fish, and the like. Because dill’s flavor isn’t terribly strong, fresh dill can be chopped and sprinkled as a garnish, or used whole as part of the presentation of a side of salmon. 
Dill Seed: (herb seed)  Small, oval-shaped, tan seed of a member of the parsley family. Principal flavor of dill pickles; also used in dips, sauces, sausages.
Dill is said to be best when used fresh, as it loses its flavor rapidly if dried; however, freeze-dried dill leaves preserve their flavor relatively well for a few months. Dill is a predominant seasoning in pickling recipes;  also adds pleasing flavor to sauerkraut, potato salad, cooked macaroni, and green apple pie.


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