Garden Cress (Salad Herb)

Garden cress is a fast-growing, edible plant which is related to watercress and mustard and sharing their peppery, tangy flavor and aroma. In some regions garden cress is known as garden pepper cress, pepper grass or pepperwort.

Garden cress is a perennial plant, and most typically used as a salad herb or as a leaf vegetable. Its leaves develop a hotter flavor as the plant matures.
Cress is commonly used in English sandwiches such as egg and cress sandwiches (made with shelled and crushed boiled eggs, mayonnaise, salt and some cress cuttings. Cress can be purchased live in most UK supermarkets.
Cress is best added fresh to recipes and works well with egg dishes, salads and sandwiches. Try roast beef, some sour cream, creamy horseradish sauce and cress on good bread for a wonderful treat. 

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