Can you tell yourself…Hey, you’ve done a great JOB!

Most Filipino VA’s have difficulties in appraising their own work. Most do tasks the way they know how, submit it and pray that the client will like it. What are the ways for you to improve on this mindset? How do you develop the skill to evaluate your own performance? How important it is for you to understand how much worth you can deliver to the client?

It has always been my practice in the real and traditional office set-up whenever I start working for a new company or boss to always ask how they want the reports to be presented. Ask them what and how they want the work to be done, information, notes or comments needed to be included. In this manner I would have initial idea on styles they prefer.

More often I prefer to present some alternatives and let them choose. Then we come up with an agreement and that’s the way I am expected to do and deliver the job. Well that’s in accounting but we must also remember – especially when it comes to writing articles or graphic designs, we have to take note of the personality and ideas of the person we work for.  Be comfortable and confident to present your work and trust your skills and ability but bear in mind that these concepts can depend more on the personality and outlook of a person.



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