Communication is the “KEY” in avoiding Conflicts

As virtual assistants we are aware that we are servicing clients from other parts of the world with different time clock, more often difference of 7-14 hours in real time. That means if we agreed on working with them on their specific day or working hours, we don’t have the right to complain. Some client prefers a VA who can work with them at the same time, some only cares for the result and not bothered whether what time you decide to do your job as long as you can deliver on time.

Virtual assistants own their time and it depends on their preference how and when they would want to work. But that prerogative ceases if and when they decide to enter into an agreement with a certain client. Let say both parties initially agreed that A VA will render service to the client 3 hours a day, the agreement includes that the VA can perform or do the job on the time clock she desires as long as she complete the number of hours. Everything is going well until a certain time when the client started making demands that the VA must be logged on at the time of his day work but that would mean wee hours on our part of the planet.

Let us consider a situation wherein, he is not the only client you are servicing and the time he’s demanding you to work with him been devoted to another client/person. Or you are not used to being awake at wee hours and that will affect your performance or productivity. In these cases, a VA can at least grant a request for a number of times but clarify with him/her that you can’t do it regularly citing your reasons. If he/she is so insistent then you can try to remind him of your initial agreement courteously.

There are times when all you have to do and sit down and discuss possibilities and alternatives. Be cordial and be patient. Bear in mind that in virtual scenario, the key is communication. Two professionals must understand the situation of both parties.

In the end the decision will be yours, you can profess your willingness to be of service to the client but your situation makes it impossible for you to do. Thank the client and let him know that you appreciate all the opportunities given to you.


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