Listen, Learn, Consider but don’t forget to present your side of the situation

When a client becomes very excited about a certain product campaign or idea ad overwhelms you with information and jobs to do, you must bear in mind the initial and main task you were hired.

Take note and list down instructions. Prepare and draw calendar and schedule base on the jobs you were ask to do. Set the time or indicate the number of hours needed for each job. Set a target date for submission and delivery. Enumerate materials required and note situations that might affect your performance and target dates.

Provide a copy of your schedule and plan to your client. In this way he will be aware how much jobs has already been assigned to you and when you’ll be able to accomplish them. The advantage of having a clear plan of action makes you more confident and at ease in providing the best services to your client.

The client being aware of the schedule would understand how much time it would take you to submit the results. Additional loads or undertakings mean more time and effort on your part and he’ll have to wait a little longer for the delivery.  That would also make him aware how much loads he is throwing at you. On the other hand, knowing that your client is aware and understand the situation will help you focus on the jobs and projects assigned.


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