Why Work at Home?

Do you have what it takes to be a Virtual assistant?  Are you ready to give up the perks such as; company parties, holidays, outings & team buildings? What about your office mates and friends, the bonding and camaraderie?

Actually on my part, I am not giving up anything but starting a new life. I have been working in an office environment for more than twenty years. I started at the bottom of the ladder as an accounting clerk, even though during that time I am already a Certified Public Accountant. Having the title sans experience, I have to strive so hard to learn the ins and outs of real business world.

In my first job, I had one of the most indifferent but smartest boss. She asked and assigned me jobs that I didn’t even know for what purpose they will be. I didn’t really like her at first and I guessed the feeling is mutual and she thought of me just like another ordinary employee not worthy to be considered for a higher position. But I did not give up, I did my best, I performed my job at 110% to please and satisfy her but all I got was simply a nod and ok. But when the time came for the evaluation, she gave me an excellent mark and had the highest level of increase ever within the company. And just a month later she resigned and recommended me to take her position.

For the rest of the companies I’ve worked with, expectations have not been 100% met but the entirety had contributed in building my career and always been an added experience and knowledge. There were so many challenges that you have to face and conquer, but nevertheless have always been satisfying and fulfilling in terms of career and personality development. I’ve learned how to deal with people from all walks of life, those who are in the higher management level to the rank and file and the labor sector.

Being the eldest, I assumed the role of a breadwinner when my father got sick and had to retire from his job. I have six siblings and I am proud to say I was able to support and send them all to college and successfully got their degrees, had jobs and their own families.

At that point in my life, I started thinking about myself, my aging mother, whom now I have to take care of and provide for all her needs. Because all my earnings have been dedicated and spent for my siblings’ education, I have no savings so I could not stop doing everyday usual job. That was the time when I decided to quit my local job to look an overseas job. I’ve decided to go to New Zealand.

While my application is being processed, I met a guy online, we chat and exchange information and found out that he has a business and he knowing that I am an accountant ask for some advice regarding  taxation, bookkeeping, financial statements and the likes. Later on he ask me to take a look at his company logo, do listings on Ebay, Amazon and other online market site, do online bookkeeping using Quickbooks and MYOB, set appointments, answer emails and inquiries, set-up a website and do some power point presentations.

Accounting job is familiar to me but all the others were not. But I am very eager to learn new things and because of his support and patience I slowly learn new things. I was even ask to go to Australia to defend the reports, feasibility study I’ve done for the application of Austrade Grant for three (3) consecutive years.

I am passionate about learning new things and my previous experience inspired me to pursue my goal, to be one of the best Virtual assistant not only in the country but in the whole world.


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