Why hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

First of all we have to understand the word “Virtual Assistant”. What comes to your mind when you hear or encounter this word or phrase? Oh! Let us see…Offshore, Online, Home source…Ok well and good. What more can you add? Cheap labor! Hey wait a minute, did you just say “cheap? I beg to disagree with that – Yes, indeed.

Why do business people or organization hire Virtual assistants?

  • They the expertise of someone for a especial project that will only last for a period of time.
  • They don’t have enough time to deal with certain task because they have a lot more activities and obligations at hand.
  • They need people to assist and inject some ideas and views about their business of somebody from the outside looking in.
  • They need to make their presence felt on the other parts of the world
  • They don’t have enough budgets to hire an expert among the locals.
  • There you are! Not enough budget so they oft to something cheap. NO, no, no…I’d rather say economical rather than cheap.

The salaries and wages scheme of each country is based on the economy and standard of living of its citizenry. Most people choose to migrate to find high paying jobs in order to sustain the needs of their families and provide better education for their children. Overseas workers do not only help in their respective families but also for their countries. But we also have to consider their living situations in their host countries. Why? Most western countries give or pay high salaries and wages because of high cost of living and prices of commodities. Overseas workers squeezed their budget to save and send their support to their families.

I have seen the difference during my short stay in Australia. Australia has one of the best salaries and wages scheme and social security benefits in the world. No wonder because it is also considered as one of the richest and developed countries in world. What comes to my mind then was – If only the Government of the Philippines could afford to give such support and pensions to the poor and the unemployed like Australia, what a difference it might be. But wait, I’ve also noticed how high the prices of basic commodities.

Like for example the vegetables, fruits, juices, soft drinks, etc., boy the prices are more than doubled.  I bought an eggplant, banana and mango. Do you know much it cost me? Well $2, $.99 and $1 respectively. It happened that I had a conversation with my former officemate on Skype whom during that time migrated to London, our topic of course was mainly on the prices, and I told him my calculator is busy converting the prices – He laughed at me and said “You better throw your calculator before you go crazy”.

Ok, let’s go back to the topic, Why hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

  • Filipino virtual assistants are most ready when it comes to communication. They speak better English than most of their contemporary (excluding of course those coming from countries with English as their first language).
  • Hiring Filipino VA’s is more economical while getting best services and desired results. (Some VA’s from their local countries will not even dare to touch a job paying $15 per hour).
  • Filipinos are professional and highly educated. Some have various degrees and specialization.
  • We value our work and have high regards to our clients and people we work for.
  • We are innovative, creative and resourceful (observant and very receptive to learning new skills).
  • We are hard worker and very serious in getting the job done.
  • We are globally competitive, updated on latest technology and skills.
  • We can easily adapt to the clients culture and flexible in the ways and manner we render services.

The Filipinos are most resilient, hospitable and forgiving people in the world. So having a Filipino VA you get most of these traits and character.


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