“Nowhere to Land” (Movie reriew)

I am now working on my next worksheet/Lesson which is about movie reviews. This task will help one to be able to improve in English Communication skills since you need to incorporate your own thoughts and impression about the movie itself. I haven’t been in the theater or have seen movies for a long time but I did watch some downloaded movies on pc. So I just searched on you tube and have chosen the movie “Nowhere to Land” as my subject.

The movie runs under 2 hours but I have to repeat some scenes to understand and have a better grasp of what is all about.

Nowhere to Land is directed by Armand Mastroianni; Genre : Suspense

Cast of Characters: Jack Wagner (Captain John Prescott), Christine Elise (Kim McGee), James Sikking (George Eller), Mark Lee (Phillip Deacon), Rodney Power (Agent Jeff Belmont), Rachael Blake (Anne Prescott), Ernie Hudson (Danny Gorlin), Helen Thomson (Claire Munson)

Nowhere to Land

Nowhere to Land

A Boeing 747 flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California with about 300 passengers is believed to held hostage. The plane is under the command of veteran pilot Captain John Prescott. The plane is about to land in two hours however the airline office received a call from a man that he left a bomb on the plane and it is about to explode in an hour. The crew of course did all they can to keep the passengers safe and move them to the front part of the plane.

The movie begins with a scene in a park in Sydney, Australia with a couple from the USA spending their honeymoon. Not far away a man was seen holding a camera watching them discretely and taking some pictures. He followed them like a sec ret agent would do. The woman took notice of a Sydney Opera House music box. Later, the mysterious man following them bought one of the same music box.

At the airport, the couple was about to board the plane and the mysterious man again was there. He almost didn’t make it on the security but anyway after search and questioning he was allowed to get in. The passengers boarded meanwhile the Captain phone his wife to greet her on their 10th anniversary and was informed that she made a reservation for their celebration.

The flight took off; everything went well until they received a call regarding a bomb threat. Finding out that the bomb was real – next thing they did was to call an agent or officer who could assist them in detonating the bomb. Another message came through; the device will not create an explosion, but believed to contain a nerve gas ten times deadlier than the Sarin gas released in a Tokyo subway in 1995

Over the phone, Danny Gorlin, the agent guided Captain Prescott step by step. It was a success and everyone rejoiced. Until Danny Gorlin received a fax copy of the diagram, worse this time – there’s no way to detonate the bomb and it can be triggered by change in pressure or change in altitude. Meanwhile, the 747 may well be unable to find a suitable landing place before the detonator goes off, forcing pilot John Prescott (Jack Wagner) and copilot Kim McGee (Christine Elise) to make some extremely tricky life-and-death decisions.

The movie has somehow very familiar setting and plot. The title itself is a give-away but I enjoyed it. I like the way they injected some humor even during life most threatening moment. I love the conversation of Captain Prescott with his wife ;

  • Anne Prescott:  “John”
  • Captain Prescott: “Anne, where are you?”
  • Anne Prescott: “I’m at the Oceanic Airline Office”
  • Captain Prescott: “Did they tell you what’s going on?”
  • Anne Prescott: “Yes, sorry I just want to hear your voice. Are you alright?”
  • Captain Prescott: “Yeah, I’m alright. Just get home ahead of time.”
  • Anne Prescott: “Shall I keep the reservation at the restaurant?”
  • Captain Prescott: “No, tell them to keep that champagne on ice for me. I’ll be there.”

There’s another funny scene or dialog, but I’ll leave that for you to watch and see.


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