Learning Adobe Photoshop – “Refine Edge”

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s most popular graphics and digital photo-editing software program. It is used by millions of graphic designers and photographers. There are free online Photoshop video tutorial course is the ideal introduction to the skills and techniques needed to master image manipulation and photographic re-touching. Guide through the Photoshop user interface which will enable you learn in a step-by-step manner how to use the basic essential tools for editing and enhancing your photographs.

Photoshop is so diversified and you can do a lot of things within the program.  You can remove background elements from the image, re-touch blemishes in the original photograph, crop elements out of the image, insert text onto an image, create marquees around elements to remove or modify them, and free transform a selection that has been cut from an image.

Photoshop is ideal for photographers and graphic designers whose ideas and creativity about image manipulation using the range of tools found in Photoshop is boundless.. It is also ideal for small business owners or home-based entrepreneurs keen to develop their image production skills and build a web presence using content created and produced independently.

Learning photshop is not overnight because there are a lot of topics and areas that any user must understand. The User Interface, ability to identify and effectively use the various tools within the program, use the individual versions of each tool to meet your specific needs.

I’ve been trying to learn photoshop and with various video tutorials I’ve watched on You tube, I’ve realized that you have really to sit down and practice a lot to learn and remember the functions and uses of each individual tools, filters, adjustments color manipulation, etc.,..

Here is my experiment in using Photoshop. Designers, photographers, internet saavy, please don’t laugh! At least I am trying to learn the trick.

Removing Background using “Refine Edge” feature:

1. Open a new fie that will serve as background ( here I used a rainbow background)


2 Open and image


3. Work on the image layer/ grabbed the quick selection tool/drag over the part of the image that you want to retain/ (You can add to the initial selection by pressing shift key and you can subtract by pressing alt key.


4. Press Refine Edge at the top – on the dialog box activate the smart radius and adjust by sliding the control bade on your image.


5. Adjust the smart radius brush and run it around the edge of the image. press the decontaminate colers then set it on output “New layer with a layer mask.


6. Lift off the mask and duplicate the image for further enhancement. nd I better stop here before I make a mess of my image.


Bye. bye and God Bless!


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