Photo Editing with PhotoImpression 4

Photo Editing with PhotoImpression 4

The first photo editing software I’ve learned to use is photoImpression because it was bundled in the CD installer of the Benq Scanner I purchased way back. Although it’s capacity is not as good as that of Gimp 2.8 and Photoshop I find it very useful in making collage and joining or putting together different images.

It has limited tools that can be used for cropping, styling, framing, hue & color enhancing as well as brightness and contrast adjustments.

Cropping tools are: rectangular, Elipse, irregular and the magic wand tool.

Brush tools are : pen, air spray, paint, clone, eye dropper, blur and eraser.

It also comes with various effects and shapes for cutting.

Here’s how I do cropping with PhotoImpression:

Open an image]


Click on edit

In this image, I used the magic wand and irregular copping tools.


Using the irregular cropping tool


Using the Magic wand tool

Cropped Image

Cropped Image

Here’s also an example of cutting using the rectangular cropping tool which is very useful for profile ID picture.


It can also perform the elliptical or circular cropping.


PhotoImpression can be used in enhancing colors and brightness as well as patching and eliminating blemishes in an image but again the effects are limited. Sample below have been edited using color enhancing, removal of blemishes, smoothing as well as brightness and contrast.

Sample Work in PhotiImpression :

Before     After

 Before                               After


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