Thank You, Sacred VA Institute Team!

My Graduation Speech…Sacred VA Institute…May 3, 2013

Hi Everyone! This Is Anselma (a.k.a.  Skippoz N Feelizia), you can call me Thelma.

I would like to thank Miss Christiane Holbrook, Miss Maribeth Brown-Oliver and the rest of the Sacred VA Institute team for giving me the opportunity to join and learn most valuable tricks, tips and knowledge on becoming a VA.

I’ve been through online search of Virtual Assistant sites, groups or teams for over three years now. And the scenarios are all the same. You sign up, fill up forms, submit your resume, and they will send you job list where you can choose to apply or bid on a project. I just had a recent experience -it was on a group founded and managed by an Australian.

They have offices in the Philippines. And you have to attend a seminar or briefing for possible placement. And to add they don’t give training, you will be matched based on your qualifications. I did and fortunately got an assignment. It lasted about 4 months. But one thing that bothered me was the set-up. All communications have to be coordinated via their site and personnel, you cannot discuss rate, time, requirements, and everything coming from the client including instructions were sent to an email account they have provided, communications are done on a Skype account created and provided by them. Plus the screen capture every 3 minutes and reply to their messages every 20 minutes.

I am used to communicating with my immediate head or clients. I’d like to discuss the requirements, situations, possibilities and alternative solutions. That makes me feel more confident in performing my jobs.

That’s the reason why I became so interested when I came across SVAI. I’ve listened to the videos and signed up but it still took me weeks to submit my Mission Statement and almost lost a slot. Blame it on the white smoke on the Chimney in Vatican!

The moment I received an email from Miss Maribeth Brown Oliver with the instructions I became so overwhelm and excited, went through all the lessons, created and built up my WP blog. With the excitement I forgot to join the SVAI Community Support Group. So when it was time for me to post my link I could not come in because I was not yet a member. That’s why of all the members I was the only one who did not get a welcome message.

Going through the Lessons with the directions of Maribeth via videos supported with PDF files and with that of Forest Linden made it easier for me to understand and follow step by step. With the topics presented by someone with experience and knowledge required from VAs made me feel confident and at ease. That I can now claim I am a real VA, a graduate of SVAI who has taught me not only the hard skills but to face and handle various situations that can be encountered during employment and engagement.

Being with SVAI community means you are in a team or a group of people who have the passion and heart for helping people; aiming for a better life, better community and a better world to live in.

Once again, I salute and thank Miss Maribeth Brown Oliver for this wonderful endeavor.  It’s a rare chance to meet young people like you.

To Miss Christiane Holbrook, Thank you for trusting, helping and uplifting the spirit of Filipino VAs.

To the rest of SVAI Team, Thank you.

To the SVAI Students, This is a rare chance given and extended to us. Make it worthwhile and let’s make this a friendly, talented, trusted, confident, reliable, professional community of Filipino Virtual Assistants.

My Graduation Speech-SVAI

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