VA’s Vision and Mission

My biggest vision is for all humanities to be at peace with everyone and the world itself. To understand the value of all creations; living and non-living things.

People should realize that each person has the right to live, have freedom, be given its own space and equal opportunity. We may vary in race, color, environment, talents, knowledge, physical attributes, financial capabilities because we are created uniquely. And that we have to accept and respect that all human person has its own dignity.

I have worked in a physical office environment for more than 25 years because I have to support my family and my siblings in their education and obtaining college degrees. They have their own lives and families and thought that it is time for me to think of myself and prepare for old age as they say. But at the age of 51-52, I find it so hard to get a job as rewarding as my previous position. In my country 35-40 years is old to start a new job or in some cases employers would not consider hiring you because you already have a higher rate.

That scenario gave me the idea of finding a job online. I believe God has given me knowledge and talents that I can put to use not only for financial gain but be of help in my community and eventually in my country. If I will be successful in this endeavor and be one of the most reliable VA’s in the world, I will be able to help the youth, the mothers who are part of unemployed sectors.

I know lots of persons who have been working online jobs – they say it is very rewarding. I can see it is, judging on their state of life and lifestyles. But most of them will not share how they came to be employed online or virtually. If I will be lucky enough to be considered and employed in this manner, I would like to share and take part in training and guiding especially the youth and the mothers who would like to be employed but are rejected and sideline because of age or physical incapability.

The VA business can truly be of help in changing the world and make it a better place. It eradicates the issues of boundaries & distance between employer and employees. It lessens the financial burdens and migration and visa requirements/expenses in finding the job overseas. It bridges the gap between countries and broadens the choices in finding the right person for the job.

For Filipinos who are aspiring to be Virtual Assistants/Home soucers, please follow this Link :


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